Halloween Revellers Brave The Autumn Chill And Dress To Impress

Revellers braved the autumn chill last night as they wore fancy dress for a big night out to celebrate Halloween.

Photographs taken on the streets of Portsmouth, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle yesterday showed young party animals dressed in an array of colourful spooky outfits on a wet and cold evening as they marked October 31.

More than 5,000 students in the Hampshire city enjoyed a ‘Halloween Block Party’ which took place across five venues including The Astoria, Popworld, Mr Miyagi’s and The Fleet with DJ Sub Focus playing at the Guildhall.

The last club in Portsmouth closed at 5am this morning, so some will no doubt struggle to get to any early lectures.

The evening started off dry but soon became very wet as revellers got into the ghoulish spirit.

Three young women in fancy dress walk along the road outside a club in Portsmouth last night as they celebrate Halloween

Women walk through the streets of Portsmouth (left) and Leeds (right) as they get into the spirit of Halloween yesterday

Revellers in Portsmouth brave the autumn chill last night as they wear fancy dress for a big night out to celebrate Halloween

Young party animals dress in an array of colourful spooky outfits on a wet and cold evening as they mark October 31 last night

Two young women in Portsmouth enjoy a night out as more than 5,000 students in the city have a ‘Halloween Block Party’

Revellers go out in Portsmouth during the ‘Halloween Block Party’ which took place across five venues yesterday evening

The ‘Halloween Block Party’ in Portsmouth last night was at The Astoria, Popworld, Mr Miyagi’s, The Fleet and the Guildhall

The last club in Portsmouth closed at 5am this morning, so some will no doubt struggle to get to their morning lectures today

A woman is helped across the pavement in Portsmouth last night during the Halloween parties in the Hampshire city

Young women wear fancy dress as they enjoy the party atmosphere in Portsmouth during Halloween celebrations last night

Two men go for a Baywatch-themed outfit as they enjoy the Halloween festivities in Portsmouth last night

A wet and windy Halloween in Portsmouth (left) and Leeds (right) as revellers get into the ghoulish spirit yesterday

This group of men in Leeds show their support for the England rugby team last night ahead of tomorrow’s World Cup final

Two women carry a takeaway McDonald’s meal in Leeds (left) while others look chilly in the cold weather last night (right)

Some revellers in Portsmouth dressed in orange prison-style jumpsuits

White t-shirts and dresses splattered with fake blood proved to be popular attire for students heading out in Leeds

Many young women braved the cold and wet weather on the streets in Leeds to attend the event

One woman donned pink bunny ears to complete her costume in Leeds (left) while two students strolled through the streets of Portsmouth together (right) dressed as a corpse bride and member of the S.W.A.T team

The celebrations inevitably also led to some disruption in city centre as one man was escorted by police in Leeds

Black bodysuits paired with bunny ears and fishnet tights appeared to be a popular outfit choice for many of the women in Portsmouth. The young men donned outfits including those of a doctor (left) and a Ghostbuster (right)

One student dressed as Shrek even made an appearance outside a club in Portsmouth

Women enjoying their night in Portsmouth had clearly coordinated their outfits for the occasion

Students gathered outside clubs in Portsmouth despite the cold weather as young women donned devil horns and cat ears

Revellers in Birmingham also dressed for the occasion. Some women wore leopard print catsuits (left) while one man had been inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker (right)

Some students in Leeds ended up a little worse for wear as they took a break from the celebrations

One reveller in Birmingham had to be supported by his friend after the celebrations (left) while another woman with intricate facepaint strolled though the streets of the city with a drink in hand (right)

One group of friends crossed a road in Portsmouth in an array of outfits including a police officer and devil

Revellers huddled outside a fast food shop in Birmingham at the end of the evening (left) while others had to be carried home (right)

Some revellers had their nights ended abruptly by police in Leeds

One man in Birmingham dressed as the Joker (left) and another attended celebrations as a nurse (right)

One group of friends took to Birmingham’s Broad Street as thousands went to the sold-out bars including PRYZM, Rosies and Players

Paramedics were forced to treat some partygoers on the streets in Birmingham (left) while one young woman dressed as Harley Quinn looked set to go home (right)

Over-enthusiastic celebrations in Leeds led to a series of scuffles in the city centre

One man attended celebrations as a toy soldier with his friend dressed as Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo on Broad Street in Birmingham (left) as two friends dressed as a zombie bride and a bloodied cheerleader also took to the streets (right)

A group of women also got into the Halloween spirit in Newcastle last night as they wore intricately adorned outfits

Two friends coordinated their outfit and enjoyed the night dressed as devils, complete with red contact lenses, horns and latex trousers

One IT-inspired outfit was on display in the streets of Newcastle (left) as well as two zombie cheerleaders (right)