Top 6 Things That Can Entice A Cat – Cat

Making a cat-lover happy is easy, just him/her a cat themed gift and the magic will be done. On the contrary, exciting a kitty is quite a task for the fur-parents. At the same time, there is nothing easier than winning over the feline if you know the way to her heart. Cats are intelligent creatures and are very particular about the things that they like and the things that they can’t stand. Feline spend 16 to 18 hours in a day sleeping. Thus, it is the responsibility their to motivate them to exercise. If you are having a tough time in exciting your feline, then, worry no more. Here’s a check list of few things that every kitty and can go to any length to extort them for you.

1. Tasty treat

It won’t be wrong to state that cats live for eating. So, obviously it is the easiest way to intrigue the feline. Serve her food and she’ll even leave her bed for you. Treating the kitty with her favorite snacks is a tried and tested way of motivating her for physical activities. Dogs are always up for playing, but you need to push the felines. Most trainers use this method of training the kitties. Reward her with a tasty treat for being obedient and she will continue to follow your instruction.

2. Playtime with their parent

Just like any other pet, kitties like to bond with their masters. The felines are not social butterflies, but they love spending time with their owners. You need not get into the any sort of physical activity after a hectic day at work. Just snuggle up with her and spend some quality time together. Make her catch the red spot. The bonding session and the playtime is an important aspect of the overall grooming of kitties. Take her to an evening walk or just let her lay down on your lap.

3. Boxer and more boxers

Who knew boxes could make a feline so darn excited and happy? But it’s true. Get the most expensive stuff available in the market for your kitty and all she will be interested in is the box that comes along with it. So, instead of investing in expensive cat toys and stuff like that, you can get a cardboard box for the feline. This is the best way to distract her from all the notorious intentions as well. This will keep her busy at times when she is not sleeping.

4. Scratching and biting

The felines are carnivores and scratching and biting is a part of their grooming. It’s the nature of the felines that they constantly claw on the rough surface to sharpen them. It is important for them to stretch their scratching muscles. So, instead of discouraging their scratching habits, you can get some alternates for them. The scratching post or DJ set is the best alternate to protect your furniture. This is will provide them a platform for them to sharpen their claws without hampering your expensive crotch.

5. Bird viewing

Who’s ever owned a cat knows that felines love sleeping, but their is another thing that they just can’t resist, bird watching. The kitties can spend without getting tried watching the birds in the garden. Set a perch at the window, so that the kitty can sit there and spend some time doing their favorite work. Make sure that the windows and doors are closed, otherwise, the kitty might get excited and go out hunting for the birds.

6. Sleeping

Last, but not the least, there’s nothing as enticing and alluring for a kitty, then, a nap. This is something that they just can’t let go. There sleeping hour might seem excessive to humans, but for them it’s absolutely normal. Allowing the kitties to enough is sleep is important, but keeping a balance between the rest and exercise is also important. Do not deprive the felines from the necessary amount of sleep. You can compensate it later by playing with them.

Which are the things that attracts your kitty? Do share in the comments below.